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About Learning Factory

Learning Factory is an educational technology and training company. We support learning by offering online courses and training programs. We also supply teaching and learning devices for Mathematics and Science education.

At Learning Factory we believe that a great education is the foundation of success. For this reason we offer products and services which give learners the best possible learning experiences.

Learning Factory was incorporated in Zimbabwe in 2018 and since then, we have impacted over 5,000 learners and equipped over 100 teachers with knowledge to use emerging technologies effectively for teaching delivery.

We have been recognized for our work through these programs and awards

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Our Goals

Keep students learning

Whether students are kept away from school or there are no classroom or teachers, we endeavor to keep students learning.

Develop digital skills

In an increasingly digital world good digital skills are required for success. Through our programs and use of our products, we strive to help our clients develop advanced digital skills.

Create opportunities

New experiences are opportunities to learn and build one's network. We spare no creativity to develop and run programs which open new doors for participants.

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