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Donate a StudyBox

Many children of school-going age have limited or no access at all to schools and learning material. StudyBox 2.0 makes interactive learning material accessible to learners who need it the most.

StudyBox 2.0 is a learning technology bundle of 2 Virtual Reality headsets, 2 Augmented Reality devices, and a StudyBox topset, all of which are pre-loaded with curriculum-aligned digital courseware. StudyBox 2.0 supports secondary school education and continuous professional development.
StudyBox 2.0 is highly portable, can be powered by off-grid solutions and does not require an internet connection. For those reasons, StudyBox is an ideal solution for delivering education and training in remote and low-resource settings.
By donating a StudyBox 2.0 kit to a school or community center of your choice, you will make education more accessible, and help members of your chosen community develop digital skills which will enable them to succeed in increasingly digital workplaces.
To make a donation please visit the store to make your purchase of a StudyBox top set. Please enter your name and address in the billing address section and the name and address of the recipient of your donation in the address for delivery. If that is too much work please feel free to call or whatsapp +263 77 226 9737 or +263 71 745 3072, or email to place your donation.

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