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TeXpo '23

25 - 27 April 2023, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


Bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds

Technology Expo (TeXpo) is a showcase of contemporary and emerging technologies. TeXpo creates a platform for technology stakeholders, educators, and students to share experiences, learn about, and experience the technologies that are transforming life today and re-defining the future.
TeXpo brings together technology experts from across sectors to showcase the utility of technologies that are impacting the way we live and work.


What to expect

At TeXpo ’23 you can expect generous discounts on tech and merchandise, micro trainings, physical computing challenges, demonstrations of tech in use across sectors, new product introductions, and a whole lot more.


The Texpo 2023 hackathon which runs from the 25th to the 27th of April 2023 provides participants the opportunity to acquire new skills as they build solutions to real world challenges. The hackathon will run in-person in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Teams are tasked with designing and developing solutions to one of three specified challenges, or an approved challenge which the team of hackers has identified. Teams will build a physical product, “the solution”, which functionally addresses the challenge. In addition to the functionality criterion, teams are required to use a Raspberry Pi Pico as the ‘brain’ of the solution.

The team which built the winning entry will win a trip to Cape Town, South Africa where they will have the privilege of visiting various tech businesses and learning more about technology product development and taking technology innovations to market.

Traffic jam.jpg

Traffic control challenge

The increase in road motor traffic compounded by intermittent supply of electricity resulting from electrical faults and load shedding which take traffic control lights out of service, results in crippling traffic congestion in Zimbabwe’s cities.
Develop a solution which can be used to control traffic at busy intersections or along busy city roads where there are no traffic control lights or when the traffic control lights are not in service.

Gas safety.png

Gas safety challenge

As more homes and businesses go off-the-grid, the use of LP Gas and the volume of combustion fumes from petrol and diesel generators has increased. The risk of LP gas leaks which could result in explosions, and exposure to dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide has increased. The ability to detect gas leaks and dangerous gases in the air could reduce the risk of explosions and the risk of exposure to dangerous gases.
Develop a solution which can be used at household level to detect gas leaks and dangerous gases in enclosed spaces.


Switchover challenge

Many businesses and homes use two or more sources of electrical power to ensure continuity of electricity supply. Many users rely on electricity supplied by the power utility along with a solar system or a generator. Others use solar systems and generators. The process of switching between two sources of electricity is often manual and many times, users do not realize that their main source of electricity is back online. The result is that users continue to run their backup power source (unnecessarily) well after they should have switched back to their main source of electricity.
Develop a solution which can automatically switch safely from one source of electricity to another, triggered by the switching off or switching on of the main source of electricity, without human intervention.

Follow the hackathon

Download the Hackathon information pack for full information about the hackathon. The information pack details the challenges and how they will be adjudicated, the rules of the hackathon, and everything else you need to know to take part.

Entries closed at 2359Hrs on the 19th of April 2023.

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